Our Milk - Hormone & Anti-biotic Free
Portland Milk provides families with the freshest milk produced on local Family Dairy Farms and bottled by
Sunshine Dairy Foods. These farms are all grade “A” producers, and are on a rigid testing program to insure
purity, quality, and flavor. Sunshine Dairy Foods has contracted with their
producers not
only to obstain from using bovine growth hormone rbST, but
also to follow farm plans for humane animal treatment and environmental
improvement. In addition, all milk is tested for antibiotics. If any antibiotics
are detected in the milk, it is rejected and not processed. All Portland Milk products are homogenized and

Portland Milk wants to make sure we deliver all the essential vitamins, including vitamin A, riboflavin (B2),
and vitamin C at their premium.
We deliver paperboard 1/2 gallon cartons to prevent oxidation, vitamin loss,
and flavor degradation. Our milk will not have a "plastic taste".

“Better Nutrition”
Portland Milk is delivered to our customers within hours from the time it comes from the cow,                     
never being exposed to any light, which can destroy precious vitamins. All types of light,                             
florescent or sunlight, can sap the Vitamin A and riboflavin (Vitamin B2) from milk. In fact,                         
dozens of scientific studies over the past 20 years have documented light’s harmful                                             
impact on vitamins. Your family will benefit from a better glass of milk, delivered to your                                   
door from Portland Milk
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